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    1. Commercial Treadmill In the modern society, most of us have very busy and fast-paced life. In the spare time, people sometimes prefer doing some sports activities to release tiredness and anxiety.
    1. Curve Treadmill The TC-500 curve treadmill is a new type of self-generating green running machine developed by our company, which adopts an elastic rubber arc running deck and crawler running belt lamination technology.
    1. Elliptical Trainer The elliptical trainer is well received among home workout lovers for it provides users an excellent opportunity to exercise the whole body, including legs, backs, hips and arms. With this cross trainer, nearly every main muscle group can be trained.
    1. Exercise Bike The saddle is covered with luxurious stitched leather and can be adjusted forward and backward, up and down. Good quality and oversized pedals ensure maximum comfort and safety.
    1. Spinning Bike In brief, the indoor cycling bike is a highly cost-efficient bicycle with light weight, compact structure and fashionable and modern appearance.
    1. Stair Climber The stair climber is developed for giving your lower body a thorough workout. Equipped with a responsive and smooth drive transmission, the stair climbing machine realizes smooth and quiet operation.
    1. Rower Outfitted with an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) system, the indoor rower realizes an effective and healthy training method for users. The 16-Level program tension adjustment system is suitable for different physical quality and exercise requirements.
    1. Pin Loaded Strength Equipment This Series is of Precor design and provides a compact structure and supreme functionality. Customers can have 2 choices: Full Shroud and Half Part Shroud.
    1. Plate Loaded Strength Equipment The PURE SERIES plate loaded strength equipment is designed to move with your body’s natural path of motion. PURE SERIES is to explore the natural ergonomic advantages of independent converging and diverging arcs of motion. Choose PURE SERIES, Choose Professional.


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